Traffic Jam is a puzzle game that's guaranteed to keep you glued to your handheld for hours!

The goal of the game is very simple, get the yellow Beetle out of the traffic jam by moving vehicles out of its way. Compare your lowest time record with your friends on the Smartphone version or compete with the lowest number of moves on your Palm and Pocket PC device!

Traffic Jam, the "Extreme" version is also available for the PC and MAC OS. Click here for more details.

  • Includes over 150 levels of fun!
  • Addictive but simple gameplay
  • Cool graphics and sounds
  • Save/Load your game anytime, anywhere!
  • FREE lifetime updates

  • Windows Mobile - Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile - Smartphone
  • Palm OS (high resolution - 320x320 only)

    Price: ONLY $0.99!

  • SCREENSHOTS (click on thumbnail to view larger image)
    Windows Mobile - Pocket PC

    Palm OS (high resolution)

    Windows Mobile - Smartphone


    Listed as Best PPC Software download
    7 November 2006

    Review by Conner Wright
    19 July 2004
    Rating: 9/10

    Review by Joel Suplido
    7 July 2004

    Review by Zodiac Review
    28 June 2004

    By mini-review by Shaun McGill
    26 June 2004

    By Corn Bread, Device used: EM-500
    10 October 2001
    Rating: 7/10

    Review written by by Julie Strietelmeier and Judie Clark
    23 May 2001
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    11 May 2001