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eSoft Interactive's Tower Mogul is an in-depth simulation game for the Pocket PC platform. Now updated to version 1.2.1!

As a tower owner, you will have full control in managing all aspects of your tower. Balance your cash in hand and plan your expenses carefully to be able to advance through the different levels of the game. Make the tower Virts happy because they are the ones who will define your success so be sure to make them happy.

  • Over 60 different building units to construct
  • Lets you build a commercial, residential or corporate tower
  • Various building disasters
  • Customizable controls and options
  • Save and load your games
  • Music by Jaybot7
  • In-game tutorial for first time sim players
  • In-game battery meter and real-time clock
  • Three different game modes
  • And many more cool features to keep you glued to your Pocket PC for hours!
  • FREE lifetime updates (updates can be downloaded from the link where you got your current full version)

    If you don't know how to get the FREE upgrade, please contact us at [email protected].

    Tower Mogul is compatible with ARM/XScale Pocket PCs

    Price: US$ 19.95

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    Rating 4.5/5
    Article �crit le October 7rd 2003, par grominetdoc ([email protected])
    Rating 8/10
    Review written on October 3rd 2003, by Kevin Remhof
    Rating Good
    Review written on September 29th 2003,
    by Tim Adams(Review Team Member)
    Rating 4.5/5
    Review written on September 20th 2003
    Rating 90%
    Review written on September 16th 2003, by Mark([email protected])
    Rating 10/10
    zuletzt ge�ndert: Donnerstag, 11.09.2003
    Rating 9/10
    Review written on September 2003, by Ronald ([email protected])
    Rating 5/5
    Review written on September 2003, by Jade Dragon
    Rating 4.25/5